5 digital marketing tips for beginners with interesting facts on digital market trends

Are you a beginner trying your luck in digital marketing and want to know about scope in this booming industry?

If you are looking for facts about internet usage and content marketing trends, you are in the right place. Also, I am myself in the process of learning the concepts associated with digital marketing through DDIP, so you are in for a bonus brief on the basics of the subject.

In this article you will be introduced to 10 digital marketing trends along with 5 digital marketing tips for beginners.

I am going to pour in all the learnings from the DDIP program coupled with my research on the marketing, digital and traditional medium, integrating digital marketing, CATT funnel, branding and more. In a nutshell, you will be introduced to step by step learning guide to digital marketing.

‘Knowledge shared is knowledge squared’, I could not find the source of this quote but whoever said it, was indeed right, so get on board with me in this knowledge sharing-cum-gaining endeavour. 

Being successful in building a career in marketing on digital media requires a lot of research, practice, and patience. In 2021 an important tip for beginners in digital marketing is to know your field and facts. First step would be to know the current stats and understand the prospects, so there goes my list of 10 interesting stats for you,

1. Internet penetration rate in India was just about four percent in 2007.

2. In January 2021, the internet penetration stood at a whopping 45% in India.

3. With over 560 million internet users, India is the second largest online market in the world, ranked only behind China.

4. It is estimated that by 2023, there would be over 650 million internet users in the country.

5.In 2018, about 29 percent of the country’s total population were mobile internet users, and this is expected to grow to over 35 percent, or approximately 500 million users by 2023.

6. USA has Internet penetration rate of 88% and even few of the European countries with more than 95% of penetration rate whereas in India the penetration rate is relatively low.

7. The number of social media users in India increased by 78 million between 2020 and 2021.

8. 93% of B2B marketers are using content marketing over traditional marketing.

9. Content Marketing is 3 times more effective and cost 62% less than traditional marketing.

10.  Branded content is considered 72% more effective than magazine advertisements.

Hope the facts have made you eager to spare ten more minutes to read further about the subject, so without killing your curiosity I will quickly jump into the topic.

‘Marketing takes a day to learn and a lifetime to master’ – Phil Kotler.

This quote reminds me how important it is to practice what we learn, which is why I started with it. Digital marketing is an interesting subject, and some may even feel it is easy to grasp, but until we implement, experiment, or practice the subject it will stay there in our brain gathering moss.

With that note, let us begin with 5 tips for digital marketing,

1. Fundamentals of marketing

2. Traditional medium vs digital medium

3. CATT Funnel  

4. Integrated digital marketing framework

5. Personal Branding

These abovementioned tips will not only help start-ups but it will equally help established companies to grow their business. A brief introduction to marketing will set the tone for a better understanding of digital marketing and its concepts.

Philip Kotler, an American marketing author, consultant and professor says that marketing identifies unfulfilled needs and desires.

To cater to those unfulfilled needs and desires means to identify what is new, understand customer psychology, and constantly evolve. In turn creating demand for a product, boosting sales, playing with perceptions and market trends. Typical example would be the chocolate industry, confectioners have evolved a lot from manufacturing just a chocolate bars of different sizes to innovating flavors, viz., nutty, fruity, dark, crispy, silky and the list goes on.

In the digital marketing context, it is all about selecting a ‘niche’. A sea of content is available on the digital media. But you must choose a right niche at the right time.

There was a time when people bought bikes through word-of-mouth marketing, i.e., they consulted their friends and family and when a particular model was used by many in their close circle, it instilled a trust in them to buy the same product.

But today with the digital platform, floodgates have opened, and it is raining reviews, comparisons, best places to buy, high discounts offered and so on.

There is an ‘unfulfilled need’ for review of a place, food, product, service, movie, etc., or to buy products from the comfort of one’s home or hire a service or do a course online. The ‘touch and feel’ selling concept is going downhill especially in this pandemic period, so online shopping is picking up momentum.

So, there is more need now for digital marketing than ever, to create product awareness, attract and retain customers, etc.

Earlier, traditional media which includes the television, radio, newspaper, magazines, billboards, and direct mail, used to be the only source of reaching a wider audience. These sources had mass reach, but there were limitations in measuring its reach.

According to a study digital medium is getting better ROI compared to traditional and another major benefit is that all the expenses and returns are measurable which is not possible in Traditional Marketing.

Source: Survey by smartinsights.com

Even in this age of internet and artificial intelligence, it is evident that the traditional media is inevitable. But, with growing urban population and internet consumers, the digital media is picking up pace faster than one would expect.

According to an article Published by A. Guttmann on statista.com, what distinguishes digital marketing from traditional marketing techniques is the focus on consumer relevance, meaning the tailoring of content to the needs and interests of a specific group of consumers.

‘Content is king’ – Bill Gates, Co-founder Microsoft.

By that, we understand that the key to become successful in digital marketing is ‘content’, I already mentioned it, but it can never be emphasized enough. The CATT funnel model implies that everything starts with content.

According to A. Guttmann’s article on Content marketing, it is a strategic marketing approach that involves the creation and distribution of valuable, relevant, and consistent online content for a clearly defined target audience. Precisely that becomes your ‘niche’. 

So, if you get lucky with a good content then you must strive for attention by using various digital marketing tools, through these platforms you can build trust and that is how the whole process ends in a customer transaction.

CATT cannot be achieved through a single channel or medium on the digital platform. It takes more of an integrated digital marketing framework to execute the funnel. SEO, SEM, blogging, podcast, video streaming, websites, Facebook and google ads, etc., are some of the marketing tools to achieve this integrated framework.

This integrated digital marketing framework ensures good reach of your content and boosts your opportunity to get attention from your potential customers and target audience. Once this is understood then it drives the CATT funnel by itself.

We have been talking about ‘content’ so far in this article, so it goes without saying that to have good communication skills is the base for building a successful career in this field.

Even if you have no difficulty speaking in English, when it comes to writing it is an experience in itself. You can also develop content in your native language, but the global language gives you more reach if you intend to target a wider audience.

Good content starts with you, so you should come out of your comfort zone and try to write more, and you would be surprised to know that it helps you develop public speaking skills too.

We have almost come to the last and most important part of this introduction to digital marketing, which is ‘personal branding’. Digital media is a platform which gives you the liberty to create a brand for an individual.

The personal brand once created, lasts on a variety of platforms. You establish a likeable content on one channel, it creates a brand for yourself and your niche, so if you go on and start a website and promote products relevant to your niche people will trust you because they have been following you. People will be looking out for the value your personal brand has created in their previous experience. This trust translates in to transaction with you, though subscription or purchase.

DDIP gives you the roadmap to convert this personal brand into a successful business model by having an effective ‘Mass trust Blueprint’.

The Mass trust blueprint is a disciplined approach to building a personal brand. This will be a very useful tip for start-ups to take note of. The six ladders to success as per this concept are:

a) Learn – starts with learning the concepts, facts, and procedures of digital marketing,

b) Work – implementing it or practicing the subject by working in the respective domain,

c) Blog – simultaneously writing about the learning process, sharing the knowledge and experience on the subject through a blog post or any such medium,

d) Consult – give advice to other business or do freelancing to improve your skills and others 

e)  Mentor – teaching or mentoring others, in turn scaling up your understanding on the subject,

f) ultimately landing on your goal of owning a start-up, owning a business.

Digital marketing is a rather an extensive topic, and it is better to gradually pursue the learning curve. So, this piece is basically me putting together the pieces of my learnings from various sources, so I hope you had some takeaway from it. I am planning to further discuss on how you can improve your communication skills and what you should know about Indian and Global economics.

If you want to know more on the topics discussed here or give your feedback on how the article has been helpful to you or how it can be improved further, please feel free to express yourself in the comments section.

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